Kansas DegreeStats was built in 2016 by the Kansas Board of Regents in response to interest expressed by the Kansas Legislature (SB193) to require a 'degree prospectus' be published for each postsecondary degree program in Kansas.

This interactive online tool was built using cost data from real Kansas graduates, reporting on the typical Resident Tuition, Fees, Room and Board, and Books and Supplies costs for each undergraduate degree program offered at a public university in Kansas, the typical length of time students took to complete each degree program, along with the funding sources contributed to this investment – data on Scholarships and Grants received, Loans, and the Personal Investment made by the individuals who graduated from that degree program. Through a partnership with the Kansas Department of Labor, Wage Information about a program’s graduates is also reported, both upon entry into the Kansas workforce and after five years of employment. Lastly, a user can calculate the Total Loan Debt or Total Degree Investment made and review an Estimated Monthly Payment and % of Expected Annual Earnings the student will spend, based on the Number of Years Repayment selected.

With hundreds of degree programs available, there are many factors to consider when picking the university and the degree that are the best match for you. Explore this site to learn more about the specific costs of each undergraduate degree program offered in Kansas, and the earnings those graduates are making today.